How is my Circle Doing?

How is my Circle doing?

I want you to imagine, for a moment, that you have just finished a Zoom call with your Circle. You get a phone call from someone and they ask you how it went. How do you answer this question? What do you evaluate in order to gauge how your circle is doing?

I think it is safe to say, most of the time we would use our feelings as the measurement. We feel it went well, or we feel it wasn’t good! Feelings can be helpful, but not when it comes to a method of measurement and a unit of evaluation.

We want you, as coaches, to know the outcomes that you are aiming for within your circle, so that you know what to evaluate. I want us to raise our awareness on the ‘soft’ data within our circles.

Within the corporate world there are two types of data which get collected, hard data and soft data. Hard data is quantitative in nature, meaning it can be precisely measured. For example, the number of people in circles and engagement in circles are both essential pieces of hard data which everyone does a great job of capturing. Soft data, on the other hand, is qualitative in nature. This means it is descriptive and harder to measure. You cannot put a number on soft data, but this does not make it any less valuable!

In fact, I would argue, the soft data is just as important as the hard data. We could have 1000 circles of 6 people, with 80% engagement. That’s great, but the absence of soft data means that we do not really know how our circles are going! The problem is soft data often fall by the wayside as you cannot put a number on it. Whilst it may lose attention, it never loses importance.

I want to challenge us to raise our awareness of this soft data.

We have 6 outcomes that we want to see achieved, 6 types of ‘soft’ data that we are going to be super interested in! Whilst these cannot be put onto a graph or inputted to ChurchSuite, they are crucial to the health of our circles and deserve our attention! The 6 outcomes we want to see are:

  • Family
  • Faith
  • Learning
  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Accountability
  • Purpose

In our effort to raise awareness of them, we are taking the next 6 blog posts to unpack each of these outcomes a little bit more. As we go through them you should begin to find evaluating how your circle is actually doing that bit easier and clearer!