The Power of Accountability

The Power of Accountability

I’m going to let you into a sneaky secret. One that I am ashamed to admit but have no doubt that you can relate too. There may have been one or two times that I have not completed my goal until the day of the circle session.  

The problem with this is that I end up completing my goal not because it was what I needed to do to grow, but because I didn’t want to embarrass myself by not having completed it. Even though the goal was “complete” I know there was no real intentionality or growth that came from it because it was a rushed effort. 

Now that’s enough confession for one blog. Why am I sharing this with you? No doubt as a Circle Coach you understand and believe in the power of accountability, but what if we didn’t see accountability as something we do for an hour a week? What if we didn’t just see accountability as people in our circle being accountable to us but actually we are accountable to them to help them get to their goal? 

What if we didn’t wait till our Circle session to hear how our circle got on and instead took the words from the writer of Hebrews seriously and consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds? 

What could you do this week to spur your circle on to complete their goals?  

Don’t worry about coming across militant or pushy. This is an opportunity to take your coaching conversation to another level. Imagine how loved the people in your circle will feel when they realise that you have taken the time to note down the things they have shared and that you really care about helping them be all that Jesus called them to be. 

Maybe you’ll hear that their goal has been smashed already and you can encourage them. Maybe you’ll hear that they have struggled to do it and you can help them through it. When it comes to effective accountability, the more conversations we can have the better!