Keep it Moving!

Keep it Moving!

When we start something new it is not hard to find energy, enthusiasm and drive! It’s all new and exciting. When we draw near to the end of something energy, enthusiasm and drive generally return as we see the finish line. The problem is in the middle! When the buzz of the beginning has gone and the finish line is far off we must learn to KEEP IT MOVING!

Momentum can be lost in the middle of something!

Energy can dwindle in the middle!

Passion can wane in the middle!

Faith can flicker out in the middle!

In our case, the ‘it’ is our circle. As we approach the middle of a series; how do we keep momentum up in our own circles, and as a collective of circles?

I loved one of the points Gareth made in this weeks Winning University session. He said;

The vision of the ultimate helps me move on from the middle.

Essentially we need to keep holding a clear picture of the future in front of us, so that we don’t linger in the middle! So we don’t lose momentum in the middle!

What is our ultimate vision? To create communities and conversations across the world where a person’s God given potential is unlocked so that His kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven.

Every time we launch a new circle we are creating another community for this to happen!

Every time you host a zoom call with your circle you are creating a conversation for this to happen!

Let’s keep the ultimate picture of His Kingdom impacting earth through our communities and conversations in front of us. Let’s remind our circles as we gather that this is what will happen. Let’s allow the vision of the ultimate to keep us moving in the middle.

Question to ask myself:

  • How clearly have I grasped the ultimate vision?
  • How can I keep this picture in front of me as I coach a circle?