Building Momentum

Building Momentum

Let me encourage you. So far this year we have launched new Circles at the start of each series and we have been able to release brand new Circle Coaches to take these on. We have a number of Circles which are oversubscribed (we need more Coaches to go through the Winning University!). We have seen engagement increase and have set new goals to see this continuing to rise. We have a baptism waiting list (COVID dependant!).

Why do I tell you this? Because I want you to know that Circles are growing. This is exciting because Circles grow as people grow!

Momentum is happening and this excites me, hopefully it excites you too! God is building His Church and it is a privilege to play our part in it.

As we begin another series of Circles Live I want to bring one challenge to us all…let’s keep building momentum! Here are 3 things we can each to to keep building momentum this series;

Our vision is to create communities and conversations across the world where a person’s God-given potential is unlocked, so that his Kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven. This is our vision, not just one or two people’s vision! If we want to keep building momentum each one of us as Circle Coaches, and more importantly as Jesus followers, must take this vision and own it. Realise we have a part to play in it. See how us running our Circle well is having an impact on the overall vision!

We have goals around engagement this series. To see more engagement in the coaching conversations following the content. Last series we saw 47% of people attending all of the zoom calls. This time round we want to see 60% of people in the 90-100% attendance bracket. Let’s each take this goal and make it our own goal for our own Circle. If I have 6 or 7 people in my Circle I want to get at least 4 people engaged each time, if I have 8-9 people I want at least 5 people engaged each time. Let’s individually obtain the goal now, so we can collectively celebrate later!

The age old statement: Work like it all depends on us and pray like it all depends on God! Pray for those in your Circle, pray for the growth and development of those in you Circle. Pray for new coaches to rise up. Invite the Holy Spirit into your Coaching Circle! We can own visions and obtain goals, but without prayer it is futile! Let’s be a praying people!

You are all so valued and we are excited for all God will do in this next series. Share vision and stories with your Circle and with other Coaches! Let’s do it!