Get them to the Goal

Get them to the Goal

I’m pretty sure that as you’re a circle coach, I don’t need to convince you that goals are helpful! Goals are how we decide to take action on what we’ve learnt. To put deeds with our faith. I truly believe that when we set a goal it can be a statement of faith and that God can do MORE than you imagined as you move toward your goal. Just this week I heard an incredible story of someone who set a goal to call 5 people, which turned into an opportunity to pray for someone which lead to a miracle. How awesome is that! 

  But, you know this already. That’s not the problem. They problem I’ve faced (no doubt you have too) is that people in our circle don’t always find it easy to set a goal). Goals become the routine thing at the end of a circle without much heart. They can lack specificity so that it’s impossible to tell if anyone has hit their goal next session. Honestly, sometime it can be like pulling teeth. 

So, goals are important, but hard to set. How do we get them to the goal? 

Goals for the sake of goals are basically empty calories for the soul. A goal helps us to do something we don’t want to do in order to take us where we really want to go. So here’s the question, where do you really want to go? That’s a vision question. If you can ask people in your circle a vision question it’s easier to work out a step towards it. 

Here are some examples of vision questions: 

How would you love this content to impact your workplace/family/friends? 

What difference could implementing this make in your life? 

  Then break it down by asking “what one step can you take towards this now?” 

  The classic ancient proverb says, Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law. 

  A goal isn’t just some worldy self-help/personal development thing. It is an opportunity to work towards some prophetic vision for your life and the lives of those around you. What an exciting thought. 

  You are playing a part in moving people towards prophetic vision for their life! What a privilege! I cannot wait to hear all the win stories that come as you get them to the goal and God does more than we could ask or imagine.