How Do I Care For My Circle?

How Do I Care For My Circle?

How do we care for the people in our circles? Some of us are naturally gifted with an amazing gift of care, hospitality and an eye for ways to help others. Others of us need ideas and ways in which we can be creative in order to help others.

There is not one single way that is right. The biggest emphasis we want to get across to our circle is that we care, and we care for them as individuals as well as the whole.

I have two children, two boys who are completely different from each other. One boy who is loud, has a very active mind (so active he finds sleep hard!), doesn’t enjoy being by himself, is aware of those around him, who observes a situation before he joins in. He is someone who cares so much about getting it right. My other boy, who is fiercely independent, loves to sleep, who enjoys figuring stuff out by himself, knows exactly what he wants and loves people deeply even from such a young age.

I care so much about my boys, I love them so much, but I recognise that they both require different love, different care, different time with me. I wouldn’t be doing Judah any favours if I loved him the same way I do as Elijah. Their care needs are completely different.

It’s the same with our circle. We each have a few people in our circle, a few individuals that require care and love differently. It’s our role to discern what each person needs in this season, how we can help them. How we can care for them.

But don’t allow this to overwhelm you. We have everything we need to care for those entrusted to us. It is a privilege not a burden!

I was reminded by the story in the bible when Zacchaeus climbs the tree to see Jesus, in Luke 19, not because of what Zacchaeus did but because of what Jesus did. He was in a crowd and went for the individual. He cared about the individual, he noticed and showed love and support, even when others didn’t understand.

And one last thing, PRAY. Prayer does something in us. If we find it hard ask God to give you a heart for those he has entrusted to you, and I promise it will do something in you!