Starting Strong

Starting Strong

I don’t know whether you are heading into this season of Circles feeling ready, qualified and equipped, or whether you are falling into it feeling nervous, unqualified and not enough. However you are entering into this season I want to encourage every single one of us to START STRONG! Regardless of how we feel, let’s grab the bull by the horns and give ourselves completely to our role as a circle coach for these next 7 weeks. Regardless of how you feel, you have what it takes!

Repeat these statements after me, don’t just read them in your head!

“I have what it takes!”

“God is going to use me!”

I thought it would be helpful to give out 5 tips for starting strong, they are 5 tips that I will be implementing before we kick off.

1. Dream

Spend some time dreaming for you Circle. What kind of Circle would you love to be a part of? How would you want to feel as a member in a Circle? What are some things you would like to celebrate as a Circle? These kind of questions help me to dream. If we, as Circle Coaches, don’t have vision for the kind of Circle we would enjoy, we will not know what to aim for in the Circle’s we are leading.

2. Contact the Individual

Obviously catching up with people after a gathering is out of the equation at the moment, however that does not mean that one to one contact should stop. You will have the details of each member of your Circle, give them a call or drop them a message. Let them know that you are looking forward to doing life together for this next season and ask if there is anything you can be praying for them.

3. Contact the Group

Having a central place to create a sense of family with your Circle is key. Once you have contacted individuals get a group chat set up, WhatsApp is the standard go to! Add them all in, stir some expectation for this season of circles!

4. Set Up A Call

I find that, for the first one at least, setting up a call and letting everyone know when it is works better than asking everyone for their availability! Once the first call is done and you have all met then working out what will work going forwards becomes easier.

5. Pray

Pray for your Circle, pray for each one by name! You and I can not do what we are called to do without being people of prayer! I have found that there is no substitute for prayer, there is nothing as powerful as praying for individuals that will grow my heart and love for them.

I hope you found these 5 tips helpful and I believe as we implement them we will START STRONG!